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Assam Tea, directly from Assam, so you will get Assam tea of superior quality at a cheap price, In bulk price to buy any quantity of CTC tea from our office, you can call us at Assam Office - 09678317378 or mail to our tea order Our members use the finest green leaves available in the part of Assam to build their brand SHINE TEA, GANESHA TEA and HIMALAYAN tea from tea gardens. Our value in comparable quality is always less than other Assam tea distributors. Our members are producers, so we give tea at other prices from other distributors Our member tea gardens produce only the sticks CTC tea, we do not distribute Darjeeling tea, Kangra Velli or South Indian Tea. Apart from BOPL, BOP, BOPSAM, BP, BPSAM, OFF, PD and Dust in Elementary grade, we also have BOP1, BOPM1, BP1 OFF1, PD1 and DST1. However, none of the members make yellow tea, oolong tea, red tea, purple tea, white tea or tea of any other color. Nor do herbal teas, bamboo tea, spice tea or other non-tea items make designated confectionary tea. We distribute the CTC tea and Assam's only black stainless steel tea tea. We continuously maintain quality, our tea sample and actual delivery remain the same. But it should be purchased within reasonable time. We sell both open and packet tea. Our packets are 250 grams. The open tea is in the bag from 5 kg to 40 kg.


Wholesale price

Our tea prices are almost between this price

  • Bps1 Rs 140 Bop1 Rs 100 Rs 140
  • Bp1 Rs 100 Rs 140
  • Bpsm1 OF1 Rs 140 Rs 140
  • PD1 Rs 100 Rs 140
  • Dust1 Rs 100 Rs140
  • Bps Rs 170 BOPL Rs 155
  • Bp Rs 155 Rs 170
  • Pd Rs 155 Rs 170
  • Dust Rs 155 Rs 170

For purchase in wholesale price, you need to buy at least 500 kg at a time. Transportation and 5% GST Extra


Packet tea wholesale

We also offer our packet tea distribution and dealership in your area. The bulk price of our packets is Rs 160 to Rs 173. Our MRP ₹ 300 is modified on the basis of transport costs and buyers' requests.


Consumers' choice

We always tell our buyers that the Consumers prefer our best quality tea. Every tea trader finds cheap tea. So that he could give low price tea to his buyers and he also remembers his buyer but always remember, there is no objection to low prices tea but there will be lot of objection in low quality tea. Low quality tea is fake, old stock and stale It is possible. Low price tea can not be good or clean, but the quality of tea is always good and healthy.


Quality of our tea

Please remember, we do not sell very high quality, expensive Assam tea. Rather, we distribute the average quality, low cost Assam tea, which you or we are liked by tea buyers like every day.

  • Assam tea BOPSM
  • Assam tea BPsm
  • Assam tea OFOF
  • Assam tea BP BP
  • Assam tea BOPsm

Assam tea BP You can deposit money in our bank account for sample or wholesale tea. Numbers are - Ganesham Tea, A / C No-503620110000338, IFSC No- BKID0005036, Bank of India, HAILAKANDI Branch, Hailakandi, Assam. Sample Please deposit maximum Rs 1800 for Main 18 Tea samples subsequent order is 1000 kg.) Tea Order To order tea, please deposit at least Rs 50000 as advance and email your address, GST number and your detail requirement. We will issue Proforma Invoice after receiving advance. Balance after we finsh packing, approximately after 5/7 days. Once you pay the balance, we will immediately dispatch it. To buy a sample or bulk, enter your extension You can send us your requirement via email without registration. E-mail whatsapp number 9678317378


Time to buy Assam tea

  • The best thing about Assam Tea is that it is being taken by all and all the months of the year and at all times of day and night. Along with many other properties of Assam Tea, it is easy to sell due to low cost.
  • You can buy and sell it throughout the year.
  • If you want to buy it directly from the tea plantation, the best time is from March to December.
  • New tea season for Assam, Tripura and Darjeeling tea starts in the month of March.
  • Please check for more information.
  • After December, their production stops due to lack of heat and humidity in Assam, Darjeeling,


Tripura tea gardens. Types of tea

  • Many new tea businessmen often get confused about primary, secondary or RP tea. To understand easily, we have given details of primary, secondary and reprocessed tea.
  • The new green leaf is made, then the primary tea is made. Primary tea is the best tea of any tea factory.
  • But in a small percentage of this tea, there is more fiber or can not be in acceptable size.
  • This tea has to be sorted and cleaned again. Due to this, it loses some of its bloom and strength. This is called secondary tea
  • Reprocessed tea stays below secondary grade. During construction and sorting, some tea gets bigger. This tea is reprocessed in CTC, like the new tea is bone. This is called Reprocessed Tea. It is made from the remains of the original green leaf, so the quality is low.


Free Tea Sample

  • We will happily send all the buyers, free tea samples, but the problem is that for 125 crore Indians, even 10 grams of free tea sample becomes a little expensive.
  • We charge 100 grams of tea samples for every 100 grams of speed postage charges. Or, according to the local market price, Rs 350 per kg and speed post charges take tea samples at Rs 150.


How to Start Assam Tea Business How to start tea business? Tea's business is easy and popular and you can start it at any place. Tea is popular all over India, you can start selling tea in the main market or lane. You will get the customer everywhere. Here are the basic steps to start a tea business. For partnership business, you need to submit a partnership deed for obtaining a business license or creating a bank account. You will need to submit address proof, ID proof, photo etc. along with a business license application form and a small fee. Generally, the municipal authorities will happily issue business licenses within 7 days. After this, you need to make GST registration, state GST, if you want to sell in your state and you need a current account. State GST registration is for doing business within your state and Central GST registration is to do business in India as the tea is a very popular beverage and suppliers / producers are located in Assam, Doars and Kerala of India, I am Central GST I also suggest a register for. Who knows, maybe you will buy tea from the Kangra valley and sell it someday in Assam. GST registration usually takes 15 to 21 days. Depending on your estimated business, they also charge fees, now the government is happy when you start a business. It will take 2 days to open the bank account. So within 1 month of applying for a business license, you are ready to start your own tea business. Now use this 1 month for further planning and inquiries. Plan 1- What type of tea do you want to sell? --- Keep a mixture of CTC, Orthodox, Green tea, handmade tea or all products and spices tea, bamboo tea, herbal tea? Plan 2 - Where are you going to buy your tea? --- As always, it is better to buy tea from etc., then find a supplier who works like tea at Plan 3 - The price of tea can be more than 80 rupees to 7000 rupees - What is your priority? If you are in a big city then you can try to sell tea to all the qualities and all price limits. But in a small city or city, less middle class than high end tea will be more popular. Plan 4- Open Tea or Packet Tea? --- You can buy tea in bulk and pack 500 gm, 1 kg polypac and sell it. If it is without any label, then no extra tax will attract it, it will maintain and enhance its fragrance, shelf life and in the end your tea shop will become popular once you take all these decisions, So you are all set to start a tea business. Tea's business assures you, after one year, you will like the decision to start a tea business. Cheers !! You can compare with our tea that you drink tea in your home or in your friends or relatives' homes. Or you can compare it with a good restaurant or tea of a good tea shop.

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